Student Testimonials

Catch up with our students : June 2020

  Amber​ Huang Kai Sng Pei Wen
What are you working now? I am working as a Data Scientist in Shopee and studying for my PhD under the IPP programme. I am co-founder and CTO of my own start up. I build mobile apps and lead a small team to build new apps and features. I am currently working for PayVantage Gl​​obal (a fintech company) as a Netsuite Backend Developer. Previously, I was working for Oracle Netsuite as a Technical Consultant.
Has your exchange experience contributed in any way to what you are doing now?  I think the experience was quite helpful to cause I have to work with many Chinese people in my office nowadays, and my Chinese really improved after going to Beijing. Besides that, it also taught me of the different culture, so it is easier to resonate. Exchange at Tencent and Beijing let me learn about technology and startups and make me want to build my own thing. The exchanged trip certainly contributed greatly in terms of my work capabilities as of now. Being an intern working for a huge reputable company like Microsoft, showed me that my skills and knowledge were lacking a lot and that huge improvements could be made. This motivated me to work on my skills and now I am able to contribute well to the companies that I have worked in. Certainly having the opportunity to intern under Microsoft also added a highlight to my resume, allowing me to standout and having a better chance to showcase my skills and capabilities in job interviews upon graduating.
What is your fondest memory of your exchange experience to Beijing?  I met a lot of like-minded people from different countries, we went travelling in China together and we are still in contact these days. I really enjoyed the time there, the convenience (from all the cheap parcel/food deliveries), the different culture. When I hang out with the other Singapore exchange students to visit attractions. Internship in Tencent is fun too. My fondest memory would be the time spent with my friends. I missed my colleagues in Microsoft and also the friends I made in a student club at Peking University. The exposure to other colleagues and friends from all over the world lead to many interesting conversations and understanding each others culture. We still keep in touch :)


Beijing FYP AY 2018/19 Sem 2  
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 Beijing Work & Study Programme AY 2016/17 Sem 2  
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